Wander to Wonder Coaching is lifestyle coaching for the modern woman.

The women of our time recognize their strength and understand they have a voice, they have value, and they have purpose. With this ‘knowing’, they are looking to step out in faith to embrace a calling, their purpose, or to explore their passions. I am here to walk with you on your personal journey as you venture down new paths, climb new mountains, and shed the weight of expectations, doubts and subconscious beliefs. I am here to support you and challenge you by asking the questions you’d least likely want to hear that have the power to impact you in incredible ways.

You will go from Wandering the many paths of life without aim or focus to staring at your own life with Wonder as you hone in on what you need most to live your most authentic and beautiful life.


About Wander to Wonder

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘life is a journey, not a destination’….
When you step out onto the path laid before you the entire world is waiting for you. As you wander down various footpaths – some more traveled than others, you begin to learn more about yourself…
What are your passions, what is your faith, what do you need to feel enough?
Through quiet mindful steps, sprinting through areas of discomfort, and sitting to enjoy peace, you find yourself at a marvelous clearing. The path has led you here; the mountains you climbed, the lakes you swam through, each and every step has taken you here.
A place filled with wonder– a place where you stand in awe. You have no need to look behind you, you know the path you walked, it’s where you are now, in this moment, that holds weight. Dusk dancing with fireflies, starlight beginning to peek out behind candy floss clouds, shadow play among the trees.

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“Aelea was such an amazing gift to me! She really took the time to listen to me and guide me, so that I could discover what was limiting me in my life and my relationships. I felt supported and gained clarity in the direction I needed to go. She provided a space where it was so easy to open up and trust her. I loved working with you Aelea! Thank you for making such a difference for me!” – Theresa

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