I like to chat.
Big surprise, I know. *hello sarcasm*

I enjoy talking with friends, acquaintances, and just about anyone else I happen to randomly meet. You never know what kind of conversation you will have if you allow yourself to be open to the idea that every conversation, every word spoken, can change a life, change a heart, or even simply change a mood.

Obviously you can’t expect every single thing you say to change the world, or have a HUGE impact on someone, but if we spoke to others with the mindset that what we say has the potential to influence them I think we would choose our words more carefully and even just be pumped to talk to people!

The first time I went to a night called Women of Beauty put on by Let Go, Let God ministries, one of the main points that stuck with me was how what is in our heart, is on our mind, is what we speak. Our words have power and we need to be conscious of what we say. I had heard messages on this before but that night it really stood out to me. From that point on I have made a conscious effort to choose the words I say carefully– knowing they can give life or do just the opposite.

Picture by Lani Elias

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with an absolutely lovely young lady. She is smart and spunky and her appearance is quick to reflect how she is so full of life and creative energy! The hangout was instigated when she approached me asking if we could chat one day about Not For Sale and my involvement with them…
As someone who enjoys chatting…
We chatted about a lot more than my time with Not For Sale.
In the classic coffee shop setting, over coffee and too much green tea then should be consumed in a two hour period, we spoke of travels, human trafficking and other injustice, how faith and love play into all of it, and what our dreams turned into goals are.

I think sharing your passions, dreams and goals are important. It helps bring them to life and seem more real and attainable. I have a goal to one day, open a bakery and teach baking classes to survivors of human trafficking as therapy while they are going through their aftercare program. Those that show talent could then be hired– they have skills, a job, and best of all, a future that doesn’t involve them being caught up in the same unimaginable situations that lead them to being trafficked to begin with. On top of that, I’d love to provide delicious baked goods that use all natural, organic and as often as possible, local ingredients! I would also want to ensure every thing I use is ethically sourced– from the adorable cupcake liners to the ovens those scrumptious cupcakes bake in! Sharing this with someone makes it seem real, attainable, and like it can really happen!… Even if the goal seems so far in the future.

To hear her share her ideas, goals, dreams and passions is encouraging! Partly because she is going to do amazing things using her God given gifts and talents. Partly because she believes that God and love are crucial to seeing the end of injustice around the world! I was 100% being inspired by our conversation!

Being inspired by the words others speak is easy if you allow yourself to find the optimism and love in the smallest words. A simple “Thank-You” can change your day if no one has yet to appreciate an act you’ve done. Someone sharing their dream can inspire you that your dream maybe isn’t so far fetched, that your dream is worth sharing and pursuing.

I have learned that you do not choose the moment you will influence someone. You must seek to have your actions and comments consistently inspired by Love. You never know when God will use even the smallest comment to change the direction of someones life or inspire them to further seek relationship with Him, which can and will change the world.

When have you been inspired by a conversation with someone?