Have you ever thought you were dreaming big only to find out you actually weren’t?
It’s shocking, it’s exciting, and it kinda weirds you out a bit.
Welcome to my current state.

Recently I took the plunge and have been sharing my ideas, visions, and goals with individuals I find to be worthy of such personal and important information. These spectacular individuals are those in mentor-like positions in my life. The select comrades vary from one who has literally mentored or supervised me during times of immense professional and personal growth, to one who has my faith life as one of the main filters our conversation passes through. It’s a small, well rounded crew of individuals who really do have my best interest in mind– which is exactly the environment you want when you are getting all personal!

While sharing ideas and discussing what I see as the big, main, end vision, something strange happened. The feedback from the other end came out not as the expected reaction to what they heard (positive and/or negative feedback), but more so as a growth response– here’s what happens after the perceived end vision can be enjoyed in brick and mortar.

Things come after this?
Where do these ‘after’ ideas come from?
How did you just think of all these epic things that I could be part of?

All of these questions raced through my mind as discussions swirled around the ideas of what ‘Love Inspires Change’ means, how it can relate to people, how it can be a movement, how people can be involved, how it could be a collective force of positive change like nothing I had ever thought or imagined it could be.

Suddenly my list of discussion points touching on URL, logo design and branding– while still valid– seemed a whole lot less important when faced with the grand scale ideas that were being being brought to life right in front of me.

I didn’t ask the above questions out loud. I took in the moment. I soaked in the ideas, the possibilities, the fresh and exciting new adventures that I could also embark on and only spent alone time after conversations shocked at what was said, pondering the above questions and more…
Was I selling myself short?
Was I allowing one goal to be the end when the end isn’t even something that should exist?
Am I not allowing God to be bigger than the original thought he shared with me months ago?
Was I too focused on the immediate next steps to not allow some fun in imagining all the great, amazing, possibilities that could really come?

Image from Facebook.
Artwork available at www.ohnorachio.com

I was inspired. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I was this inspired to really pursue the even bigger picture– and not even really pursue, but to simply start to dream or pray about what things could really be on the grander scale.

I want to challenge you.
Next time you are thinking about the big picture, take a moment and allow yourself to entertain the even bigger picture. Think big. God didn’t give you passions, strengths, gifts, and talents for no reason. He has the biggest picture in mind for your life. He wants you to be more than you thought possible. Allow yourself to be inspired.

It’s through inspiration we can put to action what it takes to be a positive change in the world– and it’s love that will keep us moving forward.