Image from Justina Blakeney
Oh, hey 2014.
I saw you sauntering towards us as we were nearing the end
of our time hanging out with 2013. You were kindly waiting for us to finish our
epic session before you took your turn with us—I appreciate that, you’re so
So, what’s up? Are you happy to be here? I am sure glad you
showed up. I enjoyed 2013 quite a bit—a lot of changes, opportunities,
challenges resulting in growth and a lot to be thankful for. Many blessings are
worth reflecting on, and I fondly look back at the wonderful moments of 2013.
But, 2014, I am excited you’re here.
I’m not sure what 2014 will hold, but I do know it is in my
hands with how I am going to shape it. I could leave it is as is, no ideas on
how to shape it, leaving it flat—with no desires, goals, or excitement mixed
with moments of calm and contentment changing it to mountains on my palms…
But I want those mountains.
While my wonderful husband and I were casually discussing
2014 on the last day of 2013 over Thai food, I asked what he is most looking
forward to in 2013. I love asking questions like these. It’s probably a
combination of my radio-dj-interviewer background, mixed with my genuine
interest in my significant other and how I always thought being a counselor
would be nifty. I like asking questions that make people think and examine
themselves. My answer to the question returned to me is simply that I am
looking forward to ‘overcoming the challenges’. An answer such as mine requires
at least a bit of an explanation—I think it’s safe to say enjoying an actual
challenge is difficult. I welcome a new challenge knowing I will overcome it
and will have learned lessons, grown personally, and come out better for it. So
it’s not the challenge itself I am looking forward to (or, let’s be honest,
challenges—since I know there will be many), but I am looking forward to what
happens after you overcome—the other side, which is accomplishment and further
knowledge, gained.
I don’t know if I necessarily think the idea of ‘New Years
Resolutions’ work—especially if they are decided on a whim and are not planned
out. (That being said, I have totally made resolutions in the past where the
end of the year is the first time I look at them again and I really have
accomplished some.) I do believe in having goals. Goals for 2014 are great to
have—and although I won’t be sharing my “how-to achieve your goals” guide on
here (as it varies by individual), I am going to share with you a few of my
general goals for the what is sure to be a remarkable 2014.
This is how I start my goal setting for the year.
These may seem generic to you, but I have visions of where I
want to see them go and a few steps for how to see those made real in the
present. One thing I truly believe is how a positive view is always more
effective than a negative view. Example; I have on my list ‘Give More’. That is
a positive statement. That is more uplifting and inspiring than reading ‘Work
on Being Less-Selfish’ or flat out ‘Stop Being Selfish’. When you read those
more negative statements, your mind automatically draws ideas of what the
negative is like—You think of how you are being selfish, the way being selfish
makes you feel, and generally all other negative emotions. When you read ‘Give
More’ you are automatically brought into a positive mindset—it motivates you,
gives you ideas and uplifts you to feeling the potential the statement holds.
As Mother Teresa said;

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war
demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a
pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

I challenge you to write your goals, resolutions, or dreams
in a positive manner. You’ll feel encouraged, ready for the challenge, and your
mind will already be thinking of the amazing ways you can accomplish what you
have written down. Believe me, it is amazing what being ‘pro’ instead of ‘anti’
can do.
Goals for 2014
– Give More
– Love More
– Serve More
– Gain Self-Confidence and, within that, 
Achieve a Realistic
View-Point on Physical Wellness
– More God
– Blog Regularly
– Collaborate
– Strengthen My Marriage
This is just the beginning of the year and as the minutes
turn into hours, hours to days, days to weeks and weeks to months, it is guaranteed
these general goals will become refined, defined and challenged. I welcome all
of those. As I get older, and as time passing arrives with mixed feelings, this
year I will welcome the change of seasons and availability of the time I find
myself blessed with. I will accept how not everything happens ‘over-night’ and
my goals for 2014 are truly that—goals set for the course of the year, designed
to be accomplished only as the time passes and brings us closer to 2015.

Be brave, display courage, seek guidance from God, love
without abandon and know you have the ability to accomplish more than you ever
thought possible.

**Other things I will be doing to set up my year in a positive mindset will be shared later on the blog so keep checking back!**