My favourite time of day is the early morning.

Not 8 am early morning,
Not 6 am early morning,
4 am early morning.

Photo (from quite a few years back in Hamilton, Ontario) by the lovely and talented Krysten Cathleen Photography

When I happen to wake up around this time of the morning, I relish in the quiet joy of stillness that surrounds me. A sleeping husband to my left, a sleeping cat to my right. The freshly fallen snow or leaves, the freshly sprouted grass or flowers, all untouched but ready for the natural sun stage-light to cast its beams for their stage call so they can show off their beauty, stillness & overnight transformation.

In scripture, we read about how tomorrow is a new day. Sorrows may come, hardships, moments of weakness; but the light and love of a new day will come. Each morning, beginning in the night we are too asleep to see, is transformation, growth, healing. Things always seem different in the morning. And in those small moments, before the sun shows off the glory of what a night can do, I love witnessing the magic before the rest of the world gets a chance. Seeing the busy working hands of moonbeams and starlight as God puts the finishing touches on a night of work before the sun can highlight the beauty we only appreciate if we sit in the stillness and reflect on how grateful we are for both night and day.