I am passionate about being inspired.

When you’re inspired, you are limitless. All the possibilities of the world are open, and you find ways to relish in the daydreams of endless potential. Creating inspiring spaces cultivates a little piece of possibility in your own home, which is valuable beyond measure. Creating a space that inspires you means you believe you can change the world, you can take on anything that comes your way, and you feel welcome, happy and your heart radiates.

I’ve made a point to surround myself with items that inspire. I’ve even had people comment on my Instagram photos, sharing sentiments of how they enjoy the environment I intentionally put myself in. I encourage people to do the same– a candle in a little corner, a plant whose shadows dance in the sunlight, or a favourite saying framed in calligraphy to encourage you in moments you feel less than.

It’s difficult to feel continually inspired, but it’s such a treat to create a space that encourages your creativity and inspiration to flow. This GIVEAWAY is all about creating that space.

I am so blessed to be able to partner with amazing local makers and shakers in providing you with a little Inspired Space giveaway. If you’ve wanted to create a little nook in your home to feel welcome that cultivates that inner glow and gets your creative juices flowing, this is made for you. Below you will see a list of the items included, why each one is hand picked for this special package, and also details on how to win… oh, and some pretty photos too!

1 – Macrame Wall Garland from Eve Seven Co

This handmade piece by a momma to 5 kids is the perfect backdrop to your desk, reading nook or small space you’ve claimed as your own. As macrame finds it’s way back into the mainstream, this garland on your wall will not only keep you feeling cozy during these (seemingly endless) winter months, but will encourage you to work with your hands and put your creativity and passion to use around you.


2 – Candle from Charleston & Harlow

When I sit down to really get into a writing groove, I set the tone, often meaning I light a candle near where I work. Watching it burn when thinking of what to write next, or allowing the scent to whisk me away to a foreign land, is exactly what my mind needs to inspire the next word, line or post. The Croatian Sensation features notes of sweet olive, green grass, citrus leaf, ripe citrus, red apple, with an herbal infusion of eucalyptus & rosemary, and base of cedar and musk and is sure to please!


3 – Mug from Cold Hands Ceramics

Another necessity when I mean business is getting settled in with a hot cup of tea. I have a go-to mug that I tend to always use, and this mug from Cold Hands Ceramics will surely be yours. The clean lines, thin edges and sturdy yet elegant handle make this mug the perfect addition to your creative session. When I first found Tori on Instagram, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of her pieces– and now her ‘Probably Gin’ mug is my new favourite (even when it’s not filled with gin).


4 – Tea from Cornelia Bean Tea

What’s a mug without tea, amirite?! Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, tea is always a good idea! The same way a scent can enchant you to a foreign land of endless inspiration, a cup of tea can make you feel like you’re really there from the depths of your soul. The radiating warmth of a cup of tea when you aim to become inspired is a basic necessity if you ask me! When meeting with Cory about tea for this giveaway, she introduced me to the amazing concept of Hygge. While there are various translations to English of this Scandanavian word, my favourite definition of hyyge is a state of mindfulness: how to make essential and mundane tasks dignified, joyful, and beautiful, how to live a life connected with loved ones. It’s all the coziness, love, joy and creativity of a simple life rolled into one amazing word that can’t even really be defined. I love what she said, and I agreed when she stated this giveaway evokes that same wonder and comfort hygge exemplifies.


Together these exquisite pieces create a beautiful space to inspire time writing or reading, drawing, knitting or just putting your hands to work on anything you are passionate about. My wish is for you to allow these sentiments and darling pieces to put your mind so at ease that the hidden fireflies of creativity can come out to dance with wonder and delight, and your hands can express the inner feelings of joy and love you now possess.


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Contest closes Sunday, February 12th at midnight, CST. Contest open to residents of Canada & the United States. Winner will be drawn Monday, February 13th.