I love looking out windows.
From the warmth and safety of my indoor haven, the mystery and unknown of the outdoors is beautiful and almost surreal; I can’t feel it’s cold, I can’t touch its edges, I can’t become exposed to its very being.
Inside is safe.
Inside is comfortable.
Inside is where daydreams run wild and your heart longs for something more… to simply go outside.
To go outside is to live the adventure your soul tells you is out there, waiting to embrace you. It’s not the same embrace as the blankets of safety that enrobe you inside. It’s the comfort of the wind at your back, the sun on your face and the knowing whispers of your surroundings singing ‘go on; dream, live, there’s more for you here.’
But going outside; taking that first step is scary.
What do I wear, how do I prepare for outside I’ve come to desire but haven’t taken the plunge into yet?
You prepare with an open heart, a strong-willed mind, an extra pair of socks and a water bottle, and you Brave the unknown for the unimaginably adventurous and expectation exceeding life waiting for you outside.
The inside will always be there for you when you need it. But outside, lovely, is what you were made for.