As I write this post I am seated in our living room on the couch across from our large window where snowflakes are gently falling in steady streams. It’s already beginning to darken outside, even though it’s only just after four in the afternoon. The Christmas tree is aglow and filled ornaments that have been gifted from friends and family throughout the years. On our bookshelf are DIY porcelain trees with stars shapes illuminated by a strand of mini lights. As it continues to darken more and more, I am drawn to the ways the light of the various trees gives off a warmth, inviting me to linger here a little longer before running off to the next task to bathe in their glow.


Winter is here and our daylight continues to wean as darkness takes it place.


I had a discussion with a friend recently about how the winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year. The least amount of daylight and the most darkness in our 24 hour period. We are working our way there and slowly, slowly, slowly the day-time hours of sunlight grow shorter. We exclaim to seemingly all we connect with these days about the shorter days as if we’ve never experienced it before. That’s what darkness does. It feels unfamiliar even though it’s our experience year after year. It is something we instinctively try to depart from. We fill our homes with fairy lights and candles and lamps and all sorts of lights that give off an inviting ambiance to make us feel more at peace. We bask in the afterglow once we unplug the tree, snuff out the candle and return to the darkness as if reminiscing of the light will prevent the darkness from coming. But, it comes.


The theme of light and darkness is an insightful one to dive into at this time of year when we are suddenly so much more aware of the light and dark than we were during prior months. As we lean into noticing our own personal shifts as the season changes, we can notice how we mirror the world around us, the beautiful creation of the creative Creator.


In this season, we also notice how much we crave the light.


When considering a theme for advent this year for soul care yoga, I was drawn to the idea of light. Forever drawn to the stars, and with some previous research into the Star of Bethlehem, along with previous classes with light as a theme, I realized how fitting of a theme light really was for this season. An added perk, of course, is that the She Reads Truth advent study has the theme ‘The Everlasting Light’ this year. It felt serendipitous… it felt like a ‘God moment’, as a friend of mine affectionately calls these moments of seeing how God is weaving threads together.


As I dove into the theme of Light, I was drawn to the journey of light through the pages of scriptures. From the creation story of God creating light (Genesis 1:3-5), to the creation of the stars and the moon and the sun (Genesis 1:14-18), we see how light begins as illuminating the day, as a means for marking the time that is passing. As we follow this journey of light, we see God as light (1 John 1:5), Jesus foretold as light (Isaiah 9:1-6) and as light (John 8:12 amongst many, many others) and even how we as those who follow Jesus to be light (Ephesians 5:9). This journey of light is like a golden thread that guides us not only through the pages of Scripture but is a thread that shines as it connects us with God, the Spirit inside of us, that radiates this light from within. No wonder we are drawn to the light– it’s a place we find comfort and sense of belonging as those created in the image of God, a God of light.


This advent season, join me for Journey of Light, an advent soul care yoga session. On Tuesday nights, for 5 consecutive weeks starting on Tuesday, November 16th and ending on Tuesday, November 14th, we will meet on Zoom from 7-8pm for an hour of movement, meditation and reflection on the Journey of Light through scripture and how we radiate this same light from within. We will take time to reflect on the birth of Christ and will linger on Jesus as the Light of the World, and our call to be this light in our world now.


As we find ourselves in these darker months, our meditation on Light can illuminate the world around us, guide us, and can draw us even closer to God.


To learn more about Journey of Light, an advent soul care yoga session, click HERE. Be sure to sign up for the list to receive the weekly reminder email and the weekly replay– perfect if you’re unable to join us live on Zoom. Come as you are, where you are, and enjoy the Journey of Light this advent season.