From Head to Heart

A month-long journey of Christ-centred Meditation and Contemplation.

This is a month of adventure as you dive into what it looks like to embrace meditation and contemplation from a Christ-centred perspective and experience. Weekly resources, virtual mini-retreat and more to guide you throughout the month of July.

Week 1 – Praying Scripture

This week’s practice is praying scripture. A quick Google search of ‘the benefits of praying scripture’ will bring you lists upon lists from people who have engaged in this practice and how found it to be beneficial. One of the ways praying scripture is beneficial is for the portion of Philippians 4:8 that says “…if there is anything worthy of praise, think continually on these things [center your mind on them, and implant them in your heart].” When we pray through scripture, we are internalizing the living word of God in our minds and in our hearts. 

Praying scripture helps us understand scripture, learn more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and can be a place we come to when we feel at a loss for what to say in our current situations–whether full of sorrow or joy.

This week’s meditation audio starts with a reading of Philippians 4:4-9 and is followed by praying through the same piece of scripture. Find a quiet space, a comfortable seat and enjoy as we allow this scripture to move from Head to Heart as we practice meditation in the form of praying scripture.

Week 2 – Lectio Divina

This week’s practice is Lectio Divina Meditation. Lectio Divina is a beautiful practice steeped in tradition. From The Spiritual Disciplines Handbook…

“The first 1,500 years of church history were characterized by the practice of Lectio Divina. Since many people were illiterate and many that could read didn’t have Bibles, Lectio Divina offered a way of attending to Scripture as it was read in church, with an ear to listening for a word from God. A brief and memorable word or phrase became bread for the soul throughout the week. Devotional reading (Lectio Divina) is not an exercise in mentally critiquing or exegeting the text. It exists to further divine companionship. Lectio Divina invites us into God’s presence to listen for His particular, loving word to me at this particular moment in time.”

This week’s meditation takes you through the 5 movements of Lectio Divina Meditation with Philippians 4:8 and allows the space between each reading to rest in the presence of God and enjoy contemplating the prompt provided– noticing what is there for you in this passage of scripture. I’d love to encourage you to find a quiet space, a comfortable seat and enjoy as we allow this scripture to move from Head to Heart as we practice Lectio Divina Meditation together.

Week 3 – Visualization Meditation

This week’s practice is a visualization meditation! I won’t say more so you can experience it fully! Enjoy!

You also receive a gentle morning movement practice you can do right from bed! Hit play when you wake up in the morning and follow along, then enjoy the rest of your morning including meditation, scripture study, prayer, journaling or just enjoying that morning cup of coffee or tea!

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Week 4 – Mini Virtual Retreat

Are you ready for our Mini Virtual Retreat?!?!

Here are the details to join on Zoom!
Meeting ID: 852 7717 2360

Missed the virtual Mini Retreat?
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