A full-day Yoga + Contemplation Retreat

As we navigate the days of Ordinary Time in the Christian calendar, we often overlook the sacred moments woven into our everyday lives. We long for the days when we celebrate the mysteries of our faith, such as Christmas and Easter, when our spirits soar with excitement. But what if we could meet God in the ebb and flow of our daily lives? What if the ordinary could be transformed into the extraordinary? What does it mean to find the sacred in your daily routine and embrace the divine lessons embedded in each season?

Welcome to Sacred Ordinary, a full-day Yoga and Contemplation retreat inviting you to lean into the rhythms of the church and the wisdom of nature. Here, the divine meets the mundane, revealing the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Through intentional reflection, rejuvenating yoga sessions, serene silence, and guided prayer, you’ll learn to recognize and embrace the sacred in your everyday life. At Sacred Ordinary, you’ll experience the beauty of the ordinary infused with the divine. You’ll embrace practices that help you find a restful rhythm, bringing grounding and intentionality to your daily life. Together, let’s uncover the sacred within the ordinary and carry these transformative practices back into our daily journeys, making every moment a sacred one.

Step into this retreat and embark on a restorative adventure of spiritual discovery and renewal, making the ordinary sacred.

Making the Ordinary Sacred

Ordinary Time in the Christian calendar marks the time between Easter and Advent where we aren’t actively celebrating one of the mysteries of our faith; but rather the mystery of Christ in all aspects of our ordinary day to day lives. It is during this time that we best live out our faith in our daily rhythms and routines. It’s also the time where our faith can feel less sacred and more mundane. As we root into our faith, the mystery of God as present to us at every moment, and what the season of late summer can teach us, we can truly recognize ordinary time as nothing short of sacred.


You will engage in guided practices that give you space to become aware of the presence of God revealed all around you, to intentionally spend time being with God without doing or earning God’s love, and finding enjoyment simply in the presence of the Divine.


From taking in the serene scenery, spending time in silence, building relationships, and enjoying intentional play and creative time, you’ll find restoration and learn new ways to embrace a sacred rhythm in your daily life.


You’ll enjoy two yoga sessions during the retreat. Opening with a more active ‘soul care yoga’ practice to open the day, and a yin practice in the afternoon, guided by 500hr yoga instructors rooted in the Christian faith while embracing the yogic tradition.

This retreat is for you if…

🌻 You are craving a sense of divine connection in your daily life
🌻 You have a desire to learn prayer practices that fit into your daily rhythms and routines
🌻 You enjoy yoga and embodied practices
🌻 You want to explore the Christian calendar
🌻 You want to rest and soak in God’s love
🌻 You want to be intentionally and lovingly guided through a day of spiritual formation
🌻 You feel you could use a pause from daily life to reconnect to God, and to your body, mind, and spirit
🌻 You want to make new friends who are on a journey of faith with you
🌻 You want to ground into the season around us as well as Jesus’ way
🌻 You want to find community who loves Jesus and the Holy Mystery of this way of living
🌻 You want embrace holy curiosity as you try new practices that facilitate a deeper connection to God


*Itinerary subject to change.

Retreat and Rejuvenate

If you could use a day long sacred pause of spiritual formation, relaxing and soaking in God’s love, enjoying intentional sessions, exploring Jesus’ way and embracing Holy Mystery, this day is for you.


Aelea is the founder of Wander to Wonder Soul Care, a space for intentional practices that nourish your soul and facilitate a deeper awareness and connection to God and self. She is a trained and certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Director and finds deep purpose in walking with others as a spiritual companion.


Kimee is the founder of Sacred Rhythms Yoga. She loves weaving the rhythms of the Christian calendar and wisdom of nature into her offerings, creating a unique space to connect intentionally with the Divine and the natural world around us. She is a trained Yoga Teacher and comes alive when sharing yoga and other spiritual  formation practices with others as a way to deepen their relationship with Christ.


Genius loci is the spirit of a place. Describing more than physical geography, it includes the intangible quality of a place, its particular ambiance. “It refers to every single element converging together to create holy ground: the way the sun shines and the breeze hits your skin along with the smell of the earth beneath you. The genius loci of a place is unique because it exists nowhere else on the planet but in that sacred place.” – Kat Armas from Sacred Belonging.

St. Mary’s Sewanee: The Ayres Center for Spiritual Development, is a place where the genius loci upon arrival is irresistible.

The beautiful retreat centre is about one a half hours south of Nashville, Tennessee, just outside the stunning University of the South campus on Monteagle Mountain. The campus is designed for groups and individuals to support their mission of Rest, Renewal, and Reconnection. The scenic drive leads you to where the fresh air and the inviting scent of nature greets you as soon as you step out of your vehicle on the campus. A deep inhale welcomes you to a space made for the retreat you are about to experience.

Our late summer retreat will have enjoying both indoor and outdoor spaces as weather allows. During time of silence of play you can walk the labyrinth, go for a walk around the beautiful property, gaze at the view, or sit on one of the many benches for time of quiet reflection or deepening connection with new friends.

We acknowledge that Nashville, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas are the original lands and waters of the Cherokee, Shawnee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Creek peoples.


RETREAT DATE: Saturday, August 24th, 2024


RETREAT LOCATION: St.Mary’s Sewanee. 770 St. Mary’s Lane, Sewanee, TN 37375

WHAT’S INCLUDED:  A full day of intentional practices to encourage you to find the sacred connection with God in your ordinary life. Practices include guided reflection, 2 guided yoga classes, guided prayer practices, guided silence. A nourishing lunch, tea, and snacks throughout the day.

INVESTMENT IN SELF: $85 per person Early Bird – Register before July 31st, 2o24 | $125 per person Regular Price – Starting August 1, 2024
*If the cost is preventative to attending, please reach out to discuss options!

Retreat space is limited to 15 participants to register soon to avoid disappointment!

WELCOME STATEMENT: You are welcome here no matter where you find yourself on your faith journey. Our faith journeys all look different and are shaped by our experiences. We acknowledge God is present with us.

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