Books About Love (Don’t Worry, It’s Not The Cheesy Kind You’re Probably Already Thinking Of)

I love books about love. I understand the above is a pretty random statement, but the truth and relevance behind it make it a statement worth exploring. When I mention books about ‘love’ I am talking about the sweep you off your feet, make you do crazy things, live a life of whimsy and grandeur only the love affair with God can bring to you. It’s a love never fully described by any human being (the span of the Earth’s most talented writers could write for their entire existences combined and never fully grasp and be able to form into sentences the epic nature of this love). That’s probably why I love reading about it. I love reading about something I can never fully understand. I like how it’s not in the ‘I’m not a science person so I don’t get it’ way, or the ‘I’ve never been good at [...]