The Angry Humanitarian

Oh the Angry Humanitarian. No one really intends to become one. You try to stay friendly, educational, and open but eventually get to the point where you get angry at the decisions and ignorance of the people around you.  Why can’t they understand? Why don’t they change the way they act? Why don’t they care about the rest of the world? The Building Dreams group on the last day of their trip! While spending time with youth empowerment humanitarian organization Live Different in the Dominican Republic we warn volunteers about becoming the Angry Humanitarian. It’s possibly the most common reaction to your surroundings when you head home after a completely life changing experience. Our volunteers just spent 10 days in an impoverished different country, not only building a house for a deserving family, but also really gaining perspective on how a majority of the world lives. They put stories to [...]



Security. As per usual, the above word can draw many pictures in the minds of those it is spoken to. We think of everything from the security guard we see every day in the mall we frequent, to our friends and family who spend their lives working towards the pot of gold they call security for their loved ones because of the all too common belief, no matter what might happen, the money stored up can provide the sense of safety they need. Considering I am currently in a place where no malls exist, and my unemployment leads me to have no incoming pennies to store into my ‘pot of gold’ for the unexpected, we can agree that my idea of security is coming from another image. Opening the door to his new home with many happy volunteers and excited members of the community watching this amazing moment! Check out [...]


Where You Least Expect It

When was the last time something was in the first place you looked? Often it's in the last place we expect... and it's probably time for a change. My wonderful husband and I are spending two months in the Dominican Republic with the humanitarian and youth empowerment non-profit Live Different ( as leaders on Hero Holiday trips. These trips are often the first time youth will engage with the global community-- realizing how fortunate they are, what conditions the majority of the world lives in, and takes them through an intense roller coaster of emotion, leaving them as individuals who head home to be beacon of change and passionate about sharing their experience with those around them. While most individuals argue about whether sending only money is more beneficial to aiding a community across the globe, the youth taking part in these amazing trips will tell you nothing compares to [...]