Travel Necessities

Long Flights. They are a necessity for arriving in exotic destinations where adventures await, but it's often knowing you'll arrive eventually that get's us through the trip. I am currently sitting in the Toronto Airport waiting for my 15+ hour flight to Hong Kong. This is my second last flight in my journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I've eaten a Gorp Energy Bar, a few dried cranberries, am charging my cell phone for maximum battery life (mostly so I can listen to Christmas music during my travels), and my water bottle is full. So aside from being well prepared with snacks, and obviously not forgetting your phone charger, what other ways can you make an long travel day more enjoyable? Here are my top travel necessities: 1 - A good book. I know, I know, how generic! A good book?! Seriously?! Yes, I am serious. You can't tell me you've [...]