On Discovering my word for 2024

Discovering my word of the year is a combination of things: reflection on the year that past a draw to different themes intuition or inspiration of the Spirit the 'under the rock' thought process affirmation commitment This year, I found myself [...]

Moment by Moment

I can so clearly recall sitting in a session with my spiritual director as we talked about taking moments to come back to our awareness of God. During December 2020, instead of savouring my favourite season of the year, soaking in [...]

On Letting Go…

I noticed my own invitation from God to let something go last week... Quite some time again I had the idea for a breath prayer series: 4-5 weeks of virtual gathering where we would spend each week learning a different way [...]

Holy Curiosity

There’s a phrase I was introduced to during spiritual direction training that I’ve come to love.  ‘Holy curiosity’.   “Holy curiosity is about getting curious about what’s around you, assuming you know nothing, and allowing everything to be able to teach [...]

Prayer of Examen to Start a New Month

Reflecting on the past month through intentional questions, flipping through the pages of my Passion Planner and journal, and setting areas of focus for the next month, has become a ritual each new month would feel incomplete without.   If you [...]

God WITH us (when life is messy)

A couple of weekends ago I had the privilege of hearing Kate Bowler speak.   How beautiful to hear someone speak so openly about hardship, grief, imperfection, and the general messiness of life.   So often we are told things like [...]

Journey of Light

As I write this post I am seated in our living room on the couch across from our large window where snowflakes are gently falling in steady streams. It's already beginning to darken outside, even though it's only just after four [...]

Love + Light

When I first started dreaming up a Christmas class for 2020, I had imagined gathering in person, perhaps around the warmth of a fireplace, soft white lights glowing while the smell of mulled apple cider danced through the room. It was [...]