“Do Small Things With Great Love.”
How wonderful does that sound? Doesn’t that just inspire you, encourage you, and make you wish you were out somewhere this exact moment doing something so simple, but so love filled, it inspires others to do the same?

The current screen saver on my phone is an image with those words. It’s there as a constant reminder to find ways to do small things with great love for those I encounter on a day to day, and moment to moment, basis.

I think sometimes we get caught up in what that “small thing” is that we are doing for someone. We think the act is too small, the gesture will go unnoticed, that it isn’t ‘good enough’ of a blessing, that perhaps we are just doing it because we feel obligated because the screen saver on our phone is telling us to.

From experience, being on both ends of the transaction (the giver and the receiver), it really is the Love portion that counts. Let’s focus on the giving, the actual act of “doing something small”…

The Bible tells us to be a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). I think this is common knowledge. As someone who enjoys giving things, especially unexpectedly, it’s all about doing something that you know will make the recipient feel loved and special. I send flowers. That’s my thing. I will randomly send a small bouquet of flowers to someone, I won’t leave a note so they have no idea who they are from, and I have them delivered to the individual. Let’s be real, ladies love receiving flowers! Sending flowers to my girl friends is a simple, meaningful, small act. It’s a gesture done with great Love because it is meaningful, unexpected, and to top it off, I don’t pick who I send flowers to! I can decide “I’m going to send flowers today” but I leave it up to guidance from the Holy Spirit as to who will be receiving them! How wonderful to be a cheerful giver!

Can everyone only go around sending flowers to people, out of the blue?
I’m sure they could but…
1) That’s a lot of flowers
2) The excitement of a random bouquet will be lost
3) Trying to find ethical flower shops is hard and we want to be sure we are doing things right!

How about holding the door open for someone? Paying for a coffee for the individual behind you? Randomly purchasing a meal for someone? Shovelling a driveway? Smiling at someone down the street? All these simple actions are simple in the grand scheme of things. There is no need to worry about what act it is you are doing. As long as your intentions are great, to show Love and receive nothing in return, you can’t go wrong!

Explore what you are good at doing. Experiment with simple acts like sending flowers, writing notes of encouragement, or performing other acts of service. Your “small thing with great love” has no limits. Allow your imagination and the skills and talents you have to inspire you to spread love everywhere you go!

One of my favourite books I have read about loving others and doing those “small things with great love” is the Joyce Meyers book, The Love Revolution. One of my favourite points she makes in the book is how we all have different strengths, gifts and talents– and we should use those to show love and kindness to others. One thing I believe is that you shouldn’t compare what you do to bless those around you with how others bless. We are all made differently– with different strengths and talents. While one person may be great at something, you are great at something else.

I believe these differences should be celebrated, and will make a difference in those “small things” you do with “great love” for others.