With soft light from the hallway gently cascading warmth into the bedroom, contrasting the cool blue, early morning light from a chilly fall day where the sun hasn’t made its first stage call yet, I calmly have the opportunity, without timelines or carved-in-concrete to-do lists, to take time to enjoy the little moments of peace and beauty.
Reading about the depth of character emulated in story of the idealistic woman in proverbs 31, reading encouragement and challenge in bible study form from Grit & Virtue, then venturing to Instagram and tapping down the rabbit hole from feed, to like, to profile, leaves me in awe. I stumble upon amazing creators honestly living their lives in struggle and joy, while beautifully displaying their passion in ways that encourage and throw sparks of imagination into the quiet world surrounding me.
What an inspiring morning.
With my glasses still on the dresser, little lights flickering in the distance are gorgeous orbs of glowing glitter and I am reminded that perspective changes everything, that even when things aren’t clear they can create beauty, and inspiration can be found anywhere you look– as long as you take time to find stillness in the world around you and let God fill your heart excitement and praise.