Long Flights. They are a necessity for arriving in exotic destinations where adventures await, but it’s often knowing you’ll arrive eventually that get’s us through the trip.

I am currently sitting in the Toronto Airport waiting for my 15+ hour flight to Hong Kong. This is my second last flight in my journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’ve eaten a Gorp Energy Bar, a few dried cranberries, am charging my cell phone for maximum battery life (mostly so I can listen to Christmas music during my travels), and my water bottle is full. So aside from being well prepared with snacks, and obviously not forgetting your phone charger, what other ways can you make an long travel day more enjoyable?

Here are my top travel necessities:

1 – A good book.

I know, I know, how generic! A good book?! Seriously?! Yes, I am serious. You can’t tell me you’ve never been travelling and have experienced tired, dry eyes just from looking at too many screens. A book is a nice break for your eyes, and makes you feel like you’re not completely lost in a technical world. Pages to touch make you feel like you are still grounded– even when you’re higher than the clouds. On this journey I brought along a collection of short stories by Anne Lamont. I am that person that still gets motion sickness when flying sometimes, so something I can read in short spurts is a must!

2 – Lip Balm.

Recycled air, more people than I can count, and a season change means a good quality lip balm is an absolute necessity. Since purchasing my lavender and mint lip balm by Province Apothecary from Margot & Maude in Winnipeg, I haven’t spent a day without it. It’s nourishing, smells great and not fake, and is full of things actually good for your lips! Keep it handy and you’ll instantly feel more put together and human while flying!

3 – Travel Pillow.

Again, I feel this is obvious, but you can’t alway guarantee your long flight will provide you with something so necessary! The first long trip to Thailand I took was amazing– pillows, blankets, a menu on your seat, it was a dream! The second time I went I was not so fortunate. This time, I’ve realized you need to be ready for all scenarios. A next pillow, and a large cardigan or blanket scarf, can make all the difference in comfort.

4 – Calming Mist.

This is the first time I’ve travelled with Urban Body Organics Ease calming mood mist and it’s such a dream! A spritz or two on my travel pillow before boarding the plane and, like promised, you feel calm and ready to drift off into dreamland! Plus a little spritz here and there on the plane is a nice touch to feel refreshed, without having to smell anything fake that will give you, or your row-mates, a headache.

5 – That Stuff For Pain.

Shameless promotion for my family coming up here– my family makes this product called That Stuff For Pain! My dad started making it, then my brother took over the company. It’s an all natural pain relief spray. A harmonious blend of essential oils makes pain removal just a spray away! While this has a stronger scent of peppermint that some might not find too enjoyable when sprayed fresh, a few sprays on your neck before flying ensures you feel relaxed and pain free for the flight. I don’t know about you, but my neck is alway feeling it after flying. This spray reduces inflammation and increases blood flow to take away those stiff joints.

6 – Earbuds.

Can you imagine forgetting your ear buds?!?! I can’t. Not all flights provide them, or sometimes it’s at an additional cost. And, if you’re like me, you’re already spending cash on meals in airports and coffee’s along the way, that spending money on something you already own seems like a swift kick in the butt and wallet!

A few other necessities: Hand Lotion (I travelled with lavender scented for a relaxed feel), a notebook (again, to give yourself a break from screens), water bottle (keep that baby filled to keep from getting dehydrated), face cloth, toothbrush & toothpaste, and obviously, comfy flying clothing!

What are your long flight travel necessities?