img_8835Healing is such an interesting word.

We can think of healing in many different ways but its deepest root is positivity—to become whole again.

I recently had a healing session with one of my yoga-teachers-turned-friend Savannah.

I will be the first person to admit, when she first mentioned I should come to a healing session, my mind was full of doubt and disbelief, intertwined with playful curiosity and intrigue. As someone who has a firm belief in my own faith, I am definitely open to hearing about what other people find worthy of their own belief—where people find truth, and how similarities form. Let’s be honest, as a Christian, we are continually told to go out and make disciples of those around us, spread the gospel, and see people come to Christ. One of the reasons I love hearing about another individuals belief system is because I love seeing where their system of belief intertwines with my own; where the same ideals flow parallel but with different names, where people say Love is the root of everything because I believe God is the root of everything and He IS Love. It’s amazing the commonalities we can share, often just associated with different labels and names.


After hearing her speak more to me about what she does, I was interested but also still skeptical. A few months later and she mentioned again that she should do a healing session. This time I said yes and we agreed upon a healing/baked goods trade deal…. Aka, the best kind of deal.

Savannah is a healer working with energy. In Yoga you always hear about energy, and how different areas of the body hold different emotions and different experiences, how the chakras are a thing, etc. Being that I am pretty unfamiliar with this, I look to things like massage and physiotherapy to address any physical issues I am faced with. Little did I realize how intertwined the two realms are, and how they can be used together.

During a physio session for my right hand/wrist/arm/shoulder, as well as my right knee/leg/glute, my physiotherapist gave me some exercises to do. While working on squats with a pillow actively being squished between my thighs to get the right muscles working, she mentioned my back body just isn’t strong enough to correctly support the things I do in life, and that we would eventually start working more on my posture to strengthen muscles more. These comments were great for information, but not really that notable… until my healing session.


I’d like to take a moment to mention I did a lot of praying (and listening) before going to this healing session. Hearing that she works with light energy and dark energy, will use crystals and essential oils, that she sees energy and colours, is a lot to take in, process, and know how to feel about. My wonderful husband even prayed for wisdom so I would make the right decision whether to do the session or not. In the end, I decided to go. My faith in God and His power conquers all else—knowing he would keep me safe from harm made me feel like I could take in this experience.


I went to Savannahs on a Tuesday afternoon after a change of flight-schedule freed up what would have been a travel day…

Before I get too much into the actual experience, I want to state that you can take what you want from reading what my session was like, that all sessions can be different, and that I’m here merely to share. I’m not here to convince you to do it, convince you not to, turn you into something you’re not, just read and enjoy.

After some chit chat we began the session. A smudge to cleanse and we were off. My part was nice and simple; meditate. The mantra of ‘I am inhaling, I am exhaling’ made this hour-long session feel like it was a mere 10 minutes. After an assessment of my chakras, I was informed the general energy surrounding me was pinks and pastels, and basically unicorns and rainbows—how fitting. After learning my root chakra is strong, It was mentioned I am imbalanced front to back, leading more with my heart and not being strong enough in my back. Since my physiotherapist, just a few days before, had mentioned something quite similar, I was beginning to be sold on the events that were about to unfold.


A skeptic willing to change and learn from an experience is probably the best kind of skeptic to be.


As previously mentioned, my role was relatively simple—meditate. Meditate and see what I see as things pop into your head, without judgment or lingering on them, merely making note. Savannah did the rest of the session using crystals, a feather, essential oils and select stones. What exactly she did, what exactly she saw, she shared with me after the session and we compared notes as to what she worked out using stones and light.

What I found interesting are how our stories matched up. Seeing shades of colours that matched the chakras she was working with, seeing light when she put light back in after pulling dark out, and more. The most interesting part was what came up—history that was long forgotten brought back into view, illuminating root causes of deeper issues in my tissues.

The end of the session was peaceful and heartwarming—taking tobacco in a little decorative bowl outdoors and releasing four pinches back to the earth with gratitude and prayers. The scents of essential oils surrounding me, the gentle warming breeze brushing my skin in the cool fall air, and the sun breaking through the clouds, all enhancing the experience and, let’s be honest, really bringing out all the emotions as I processed the session…

  • I was grateful for my faith—for a God that would always keep me safe from harm, for the Holy Spirit for always being there to guide me in the right direction, and for the never-ending love of a Savior who is unimaginably good and just and wonderful.


  • I was grateful for life—I can walk and talk, speak and hear and listen, I am strong and I am able. I am willing to learn from those around me, and experience new things.


  • I am grateful for the journey—that life is full of moments that have a great impact on us, even when we don’t realize it. These moments, some long forgotten, shape us in ways good and bad, but that we can grow from both extremes and the small in between.


  • I gave thanks to God for anything that came to mind and watched the wind trail the tobacco away while the warmth from the essentials oils enveloped me. The beauty of my surroundings was magnified as my gratitude continued to pour out.


Returning inside, Savannah and I sat and talked about goals and dreams and other small talk items. A few key moments still playing in my mind, reminding me of what has been the cause of my inability to step out into a space of vulnerability to fully express myself creatively for such a long period of life. Coming from my background in dance and one specific experience, I’ve spent my life under the covers of doing everything ‘for myself’ as to avoid the risk of being seen, being good at something, and disappointing those around me. This realization has founded my new mantra of ‘just dance’.

At the end of my session I told Savannah the phrase ‘I just want to dance’ came to mind. She told me to look towards the sun and say ‘thank you, I just want to dance’ to release the darkness and begin to heal.


I turned to the sun, hiding the tears in my eyes, and thankfully whispered out ‘thank you, I just want to dance.’ I got in my car with a refreshed heart knowing this root of darkness in my life has been turned into light, that love can heal, and that I can begin to step out from under the cover and begin to shine.