Transparency is a beautiful thing. It’s something we search for and it’s rooted in our deepest desire to be fully known. Transparency is being honest, and vulnerable, and just totally you, and when you take the leap into transparency, you freely say you are who you are—no apologies, no take-backs, no regrets. This is it.

Transparency is something I long to see everywhere I go—from the people I interact with to the companies I choose to support. Lately, my quest for transparency has shifted from clothing companies to beauty products and I’ve been so pleased to see what I’ve found. One of my favourites so far is Voir Haircare.


Voir is a Canadian-based company who curated a collection of premium haircare essentials designed to inspire your beauty routine through art. Voir is the medium. You are the canvas.


Aside from being totally in love with their beautifully crafted messaging of words that make my heart melt, it’s was more than their message and brand I loved, it was their products, their sourcing, and their heart as a company…


The more I learn to relish the beauty surrounding me, the more I enjoy the four seasons in Canada. Voir is inspired by their Canadian roots and the country’s ever-changing seasons for their line of products; the warm glow of the sun, a cleansing rain, the caress of the wind, and the cool touch of first snow.


From concept to creation, each step of their product development process takes place in Canada, meaning they support local industries and initiatives. Keeping a rooted sense of closeness and community means they can maintain a hands-on approach to their product while manifesting a true Canadian feel.


As someone who is transitioning into trying to buy more ethically created beauty products, it was wonderful to learn that Voir Haircare sources the best ingredients, many of which are derived from natural and renewable resources. They boast high-grade botanicals, cold-pressed plant oils, super berries and recyclable packaging while leaving behind mineral oil, alcohol, animal testing and more.

I tried their She’s Like The Wind Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner and instantly fell in love with the bottle (making for super easy application) and the scent! I put it in my hair and said to my husband “smell my hair!” Easy to apply, does the job really well, and smells good make it a total win in my books! As the girl who washes her hair about once a week, this is what I use every other day and It’s a new go-to!

I also have A Walk In The Sun Luxury Hair Oil and, again, love it like mad. As a bleached blonde, those roots get greasy while the ends still need TLC. This hair oil is exactly what I use to keep my ends from frizzing out. I also use it as a post-shower detangler. The heavenly smell is a mix of rosehip, avocado, sunflower, and jojoba oils that make you, and your hair, smile! As someone who has avoided hair oils before, I am so glad I use one now!

Not only does your hair thank you, it’s nice to have art-inspired packaging. When you have your products lined up on your counter, or when you’re taking them out of your bag post-yoga at the studio, it’s an added touch of elegance to have packaging that isn’t cheesy but is actually interesting to see.


Overall, supporting a Canadian-made, natural company, which doesn’t test on animals, is a great step in my journey of transparency and sourcing ethically made beauty-products. I am looking forward to adding more of their line to my shelf, and seeing what else is out there for the ethical beauty seeker.


I want to give YOU the chance to try Voir for yourself !

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