When I chose the word and theme of Balance for 2017, it’s because it was something I knew I needed in my life. Anyone close to me who heard this as my intention echoed me with an outstanding YES!
Unfortunately, often what you need most can be the hardest thing to do.
I began setting boundaries in a feeble attempt to regain balance in life, but it ultimately did not work. After hitting my own personal physical and mental rock bottom at the start of the early summer months, a change was forced upon me. I was mentally stressed to the max resulting in the strain on my most personal and meaningful relationships, I was physically unable to do the activities I enjoyed most, and there was a weight on my heart I could not shake. Tears in the yoga hot room dripping wet with sentiments of feeling like my best was never good enough, trying to juggle the constant battle of making the right decision, even when it meant it wasn’t going to make everyone happy, and feeling physically and mentally weak where I was once strong made “balance” something friends would bring up as “what happened to balance?” when we would chat. Even acquaintances would echo out the feeling in my heart that something had to give— unfortunately, it was simply my ego that had to break.
I was living with an “I can do it all” mentality because those were the expectations being placed upon me.
I struggled with being authentic to myself while trying to do it all as I had been doing for months and months but over time the line of authenticity isn’t strength, it’s surrender.
Everyone was telling me to.
But I couldn’t.
Until a clear as day moment in church where the voice of God was like a friend whispering the simple words in my ear.
I questioned what was said.
But two days later God delivered on what he said and  I knew it was time.
Time to let go.
Time to step away.
Time to begin to heal; physically, mentally, emotionally.
It was the time for balance to begin.
I surrendered.

It was a slow transition, but it’s now one of the best things for my life I could have imagined. I made room for balance. I became intentional with every moment I had instead of letting the moments run away with me. I began a totally life-changing morning routine that has me beginning every day with gratitude and God, and some mornings yoga too! I’ve been humbled working through my injuries to see the inner strength begin to radiate while physically I’m so far from where I had been. I stop. I rest. I rejuvenate. I connect with people who matter. I remember what’s important.

When reflecting on the work put in during 2017, I feel confident to speak “Radiate” as my theme for 2018. To continue to work on the inside— authenticity, clarity, faith, patience, generosity, kindness, creativity. Then allowing that to radiate outwards. I think it’s the best way to really be authentic— to do the inside work and be so focused on God and his goodness that the love just radiates. I want to be radiant. As a child of God, it’s that radiance that sets you apart, often in an indescribable way, to others. I want to be the light of God in a world that’s searching. I want to be what God wants me to be.

That inner work; that’s the work that matters. Internalizing truth and God in every aspect and then letting it guide my life, that’s radiance.

God created us to shine like a light on a hill.
Even the smallest spark can outshine the darkness.
Welcome, 2018.
I’m ready for the lessons for I know that growth is hard but worth it. I’m ready for the trials because they bring triumphs. I’m ready to step on the path because the stars and the moon and the fireflies will guide me.

What is your theme for 2018? 
If you’ve never thought about setting a theme for the year, I encourage you to try it out!
Start by taking a look at this past year and writing out a list of the defining moments of the year– the good, the bad, anything that resonates as a moment that stands out.
Look for a theme between those moments. In the good moments is there a common thread that made them so great? In the moments that saw pain, was there a common thread? Chances are, the good moments all contained something the bad moments didn’t.
This is where you can find your theme.
Once you’ve defined your theme, write it down and keep it somewhere you can see it as a daily reminder. I write my theme word in calligraphy, place it in a frame and keep it in my office so I can be reminded of the intention I set that serves to help me grow throughout the year.
Share your theme with me below! I would love to hear about what will make your 2018 the best year yet!