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Soul Nourishing Practice: Prayer of Repetition

“Prayer of Repetition is like a seasoned fisherman who knows he can go back time and time again to a good fishing hole and find fish. The spot never seems to empty of good fish, and he gets a new one every time.”   …I mean, I don’t eat fish, but I can appreciate the sentiment. Perhaps, we swap out fishing holes with a strawberry, tomato, or cucumber plant in [...]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately – Spring/Summer 2022

Does anyone know where the phrase ‘bookworm’ comes from? I looked it up. It’s kinda gross.   “The origin of the idiom “bookworm” probably originated as a somewhat derogatory term for a person who studied or read more than was usual. Bugs such as silverfish, book lice, and linoleum beetles were referred to as bookworms because they inhabited books; thus the idiom.”   I’ve been in the habit of looking [...]

Holy Curiosity

There’s a phrase I was introduced to during spiritual direction training that I’ve come to love.  ‘Holy curiosity’.   “Holy curiosity is about getting curious about what’s around you, assuming you know nothing, and allowing everything to be able to teach you something if you linger long enough.”   I saw a post by Morgan Harper Nichols (here) with a magnifying glass that said ‘there is so much for me [...]

Lessons from a Month of Seeking Magic: Part 3

This blog is part 3 of a 3 part series on Lessons from a Month of Seeking Magic. Haven’t read part 1? Check it out here. Need to read part 2? Check it out here.   “September has begun and now that I’ve completed a month of seeking magic, it feels like the most natural thing to ask when I step outside, ‘God, what feels like magic?’. I don’t add [...]

Lessons from a Month of Seeking Magic: Part 2

This blog is part 2 of a 3 part series on Lessons from a Month of Seeking Magic. Haven’t read part 1? Check it out here.   ““Seeking magic daily taught me the importance of getting OUT of my little bubble of house and into the world. It taught me that glow and glimmer are real things (more on that in part 2). It taught me that magic doesn’t always [...]

Lessons from a Month of Seeking Magic: Part 1

This blog is part 1 of a 3 part series on Lessons from a Month of Seeking Magic.   At the beginning of August I shared a poem on Instagram…   In the caption I shared how I felt like I had been craving magic in my life, how I spoke with my spiritual director about it, and how I had experienced the feeling of being torn between contentment and [...]

Prayer of Examen to Start a New Month

Reflecting on the past month through intentional questions, flipping through the pages of my Passion Planner and journal, and setting areas of focus for the next month, has become a ritual each new month would feel incomplete without.   If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with seeing me cross out the words ‘improve on’ and write above ‘intentionally focus on’ as I complete the monthly reflection in [...]

God WITH us (when life is messy)

A couple of weekends ago I had the privilege of hearing Kate Bowler speak.   How beautiful to hear someone speak so openly about hardship, grief, imperfection, and the general messiness of life.   So often we are told things like 'life is hard but we have Jesus'. I think when we hear that, we often interpret it as; 'life is hard but you should hide the hard bits or [...]

Soul Nourishing Practice: Visio Divina

“Creation speaks. It speaks elegantly. It "pours forth speech" of God. God ambushes people on riverbanks, mountaintops, in wilderness wasteland, whirlwinds, burning bushes and rushing winds. The house of God stretches from the view out my window to the edge of the universe and beyond. All we have to do to see it, suggests Barbara Brown Taylor in An Alter in the World, is to set a little altar in [...]

The invitation for 2022

I’ve enjoyed the practice of leaning into a word or theme of the year for the past 7 years. Instead of setting specific goals for the year, I would set more generalized themes for the different areas of my life and then allow that to simmer down into one overarching theme. As time went on, the process changed and I found myself intentionally reflecting on the past year and praying [...]