Why have a spiritual companion?

This blog is part of a series on Spiritual Direction designed to answer questions about the practice of Spiritual Direction. Click here to see the FAQ full series.   There is an old celtic phrase that is said to have originated in Irish monasticism where it was applied to a monk’s teacher, companion, or spiritual guide. The heart of the phrase has its origins back even further to the early [...]

Soul Nourishing Practice: Breath Prayer

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.   The natural rhythm of the breath is a perpetual cycle of inhale and exhale keeping us alive and animated. It is often wild for me to think that this necessity of life happens, for most of us, without a conscious thought toward it at any point in the day. We breathe, we live, and we don’t have to intentionally focus on our breathing in order [...]

Aligned + Designed Reflections

As with everything I create and put out into the world, I like to take time to sit in both the afterglow and the reality of a few days past to reflect on what unfolded. Reflecting on the logistics of how it all came together, reflecting on the day of happenings, reflecting on the marketing, the 'what could be better next time' and the 'what lessons have I learned?'.   [...]

How to discover your word for 2023

When you think of entering into a new year with intention, what comes to mind?   Perhaps, it’s taking some time away from social media, getting cozy with a cup of tea and a notebook, and writing out the goals you have for the upcoming year. Perhaps, it’s refining your priorities so you can step into 2023 with renewed focus and passion. Perhaps, it’s dusting off the list of resolutions [...]

Peace on Earth Reflections

As I sit here to write a reflection to share about Peace on Earth, thoughts begin to swirl yet my fingers are frozen, unable to begin to take those thoughts swirling above my head and pluck them out, one at a time, into a practical order and begin to type to take you through the first in-person event since January 2020.    The FIRST in-person event since January 2020… no [...]

Peace on Earth

Hope & Heart. That was the name of the very first event I ever hosted when I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training back in 2018.    It was a Christmas Holy Yoga Experience and it combined all my favourite aspects of what I had been learning through yoga teacher training into one experience. I looked into venues to host (which, at the time, the workshop business was seemingly booming [...]

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

The holiday season feels like such a beautiful time of year.   People seem full of cheer and perhaps offer a smile and a well wishing of ‘happy holidays’ when they greet you, twinkle lights sparkle on trees through windows of homes and drape elegantly where the light feels warm and inviting, and the spirit of love and joy are the common thread that connect movie marathons, gatherings with friends [...]

Transformative Ways to Engage with the Biblical Narrative (in my experience… lately)

You open up your physical bible or a bible app. Start reading a passage someone recommended, maybe the verse of the day, or a chunk on your reading plan. You complete your reading. Another day checked off the list. You close your bible.   And, with a hint of perhaps guilt, or maybe a sense of disappointment or let down, you think to yourself, ‘that’s it? Shouldn’t I be getting [...]

Soul Nourishing Practice: Prayer of Repetition

“Prayer of Repetition is like a seasoned fisherman who knows he can go back time and time again to a good fishing hole and find fish. The spot never seems to empty of good fish, and he gets a new one every time.”   …I mean, I don’t eat fish, but I can appreciate the sentiment. Perhaps, we swap out fishing holes with a strawberry, tomato, or cucumber plant in [...]

What I’ve Been Reading Lately – Spring/Summer 2022

Does anyone know where the phrase ‘bookworm’ comes from? I looked it up. It’s kinda gross.   “The origin of the idiom “bookworm” probably originated as a somewhat derogatory term for a person who studied or read more than was usual. Bugs such as silverfish, book lice, and linoleum beetles were referred to as bookworms because they inhabited books; thus the idiom.”   I’ve been in the habit of looking [...]