Spiritual direction is a practice that any person who considers themselves to be on a journey of faith could benefit from. Whether you’re just discovering God and are looking for someone to talk to and join you on this new adventure, you’re someone whose experience with religion or faith is changing and you’d like a safe space to share doubts, ask questions, or show up authentically, you’re someone who has been on this journey for a while and is looking to explore new depths, or, you’re anywhere in between, you may find spiritual direction valuable.

Those who may especially benefit from pursuing spiritual direction are:

  • Those who are going through a difficult season of life and who are perhaps wondering where God is in their story, or who are looking for support through this time.
  • Those who are in the midst of big decisions and are seeking assistance discerning what God might be inviting them into as they explore options.
  • Those who are at a place in their faith where they have doubts, questions, and are wrestling with ideas as their faith changes.
  • Those who are feeling stuck or burnt out.
  • Those who crave a deeper connection to God but who are unsure how to go deeper.
  • Those who want to explore new spiritual practices and explore their faith experience outside their regular practices and disciplines.
  • Those who find traditional spaces to not be welcoming or safe or who have felt hurt by traditional spaces who still desire exploration of their faith and connection with God.
  • Those who lack a faith community to connect with about their faith.
  • Those who find themselves entering onto new paths on their faith journey and are looking for support and encouragement.
  • Those who are in a season of consolation and want to explore their growing in and moving towards more faith, hope, and love.
  • Those who are in a season of desolation and want to explore their feelings of distance from God with compassion, love, and curiosity.
  • Those who have big feelings that often don’t find support from others.
  • Those who crave soul nourishing and a spiritual companion as they move through life. Someone to hold be with them in their grief and pain, someone to celebrate their joy and success, and someone to be with them in every space in between.

Similarly to other avenues of wellness and care, individuals often first seek out spiritual direction when there are shifts and changes in their life and they are looking for support. These shifts and changes can be ones that are challenging, exciting, or anywhere in between. Often those who seek out spiritual direction during these times continue with the practice due its benefits.

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