When we talk about spiritual direction, we can think of the director as an anam cara, a soul friend, to the directee. This type of soul companionship is unique. A soul friend is one who journey’s with you as you walk the path of faith in this life. They are one of compassion, who cares deeply for you, and to see your relationship with God flourish. They walk with you through the inevitable ups and downs of life and are a mirror which can reflect back to you the experience they witness you having to help you understand it even more. The masks come off, the soul is laid bare, tears flow, laughter is shared, and lived experiences are honoured.

Spiritual direction offers this kind of spiritual companionship to those who hunger for a safe space of authenticity. As your director directs your awareness and attentiveness to the Divine, their focus is directed to you; to hear you, to listen to what isn’t being said as much as what is, to draw you deeper into knowing of both self and God, and to be a companion who walks with you through all of life’s adventures, no matter what they are. Safety, compassion, and acceptance, are the foundations of every time you meet, trusting the conversation and relationship to God whose loving presence guides the conversation.

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