What’s the difference between Spiritual Direction, Therapy/Counselling, and Life Coaching?

Counselling and Therapy vs Spiritual Direction Counselling often involves working with a mental health counsellor on a specific issue for a limited amount of time while giving you tools to move forward and take into your daily life. For example, meeting with a marriage counsellor, a grief counsellor, or working with a counsellor to learn tools to manage and stress, etc.   Therapy is often more long-term focused and focuses [...]

Why have a Spiritual Companion?

When we talk about spiritual direction, we can think of the director as an anam cara, a soul friend, to the directee. This type of soul companionship is unique. A soul friend is one who journey’s with you as you walk the path of faith in this life. They are one of compassion, who cares deeply for you, and to see your relationship with God flourish. They walk with you [...]

Common misconceptions about Spiritual Direction

Do you just tell me what to do? This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about spiritual direction based most often on the name of the practice being ‘direction’ and the title of the facilitator as ‘director’. Contrary to the words direction and director, a session does not unfold with the directee sharing their situation, followed by the director telling you what to do. Perhaps, a more accurate title [...]

What is a Session of Spiritual Direction like?

A note, I am sharing my own experience offering spiritual direction and all directors are a little different. Please be sure to ask any director you’re considering working with what a session is like.   The flow of a session: Settle In + Centering Practice When we meet, after the ‘hello’ and ‘how are you?’ portions of warm greeting, we begin our session with a grounding practice to help us [...]

What are the Benefits of Meeting with a Spiritual Director?

While the initial value of spiritual direction in one’s life will vary depending on what they are looking for, the practice itself has many benefits that may include: A sense of connection. Having someone to share your life (thoughts, ideas, struggles, joys, experiences) with can make you feel less isolated and alone. Feeling supported and encouraged. Having someone in your corner who sees your growth, can connect the dots between [...]

Who is Spiritual Direction for?

Spiritual direction is a practice that any person who considers themselves to be on a journey of faith could benefit from. Whether you’re just discovering God and are looking for someone to talk to and join you on this new adventure, you’re someone whose experience with religion or faith is changing and you’d like a safe space to share doubts, ask questions, or show up authentically, you’re someone who has [...]