Moment by Moment

Finding rhythms of daily connection with God.

In the whirlwind of our daily routines, some moments are sacred and intentional, like our devoted sessions of prayer and reflection. Others simply slip through our fingers, lost in the busyness of making meals, commuting, or scrolling through screens.

But what if we could discover the divine in all our moments? What if God is waiting for us to acknowledge His presence, inviting us into deeper intimacy with every breath we take?

Let’s gather for “Moment by Moment: Finding Daily Rhythms of Connection with God”. During this virtual 4-week series, we’ll explore four practices that infuse the sacred into your everyday life, awakening your awareness of the Spirit and enriching your relationship with God.

Let’s embark on this sacred journey, where each moment becomes an invitation into God’s Loving Presence.💫



Each week, we’ll embark on a journey into a unique spiritual practice that can fit seamlessly with your daily rhythms, inviting you to live a life of intentional connection with God.

Meeting for 4-weeks starting Thursday, October 5th from 7-8pm CDT (Winnipeg/Nashville time)


The four prayer practices we will explore together are Breath Prayer, Liturgy of Your Day, Visio Divina, and the Prayer of Examen. No prior knowledge or experience with these practices is needed!


Each week you’ll be encouraged to take the prayer practice we explored and bring it into your daily rhythm, implementing it to incorporate a more moment by moment awareness of God in your life.

Reflect +

Does adding this practice to your day feel natural or forced? What might God be inviting you into as you engage with this practice? You’ll have space to reflect on your experience each week and share it with the group.


SESSION DATES: The series runs for 4 consecutive Thursday nights beginning Thursday, October 5th and the final class being held on Thursday, October 26th, 2023.

SESSION TIME: 7-8pm CDT (Winnipeg/Nashville time)

SESSION ACCESS: Sessions will be held live over Zoom. The meeting link, ID number and passcode will be emailed to you each Thursday morning.

SESSION ACCESSIBILITY: All you need is a notebook and writing utensil, internet access and zoom (free to use). You are welcome here no matter where you find yourself on your faith journey. We acknowledge our faith journeys all look different and are shaped by our experiences. We acknowledge God is present.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Weekly 1-hour session which includes an introduction to a prayer practice, the exploration of how you could invite this practice into your day, time devoted to doing the practice, and optionally sharing your experience with the group. I will aim to create a space where you feel safe and brave to share, show up authentically, and engage with God in a way that feels nourishing to your soul. Weekly reminder email. Weekly follow up email including the session replay available for 7 days– a great way to still engage with the session even if you can’t attend in real time.

COST: Registration is for all 4 sessions in the series is a sliding scale of $40 – $50 per person.

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Upon receipt of payment, you’ll receive an official welcome email with all the information you’ll need for Moment by Moment: Finding Daily Rhythms of Connection with God.


Meet Your Facilitator

Hi! My name is Aelea and I am so grateful to be able to facilitate ‘Moment by Moment’ for you this October. I was inspired to create this series after both reflecting on my own life, and connecting with friends and directees. A common theme was feeling like if we aren’t engaging in our standard faith and prayer practices, we began to feel guilty… like we were missing out on connection with God.

The truth is, God is always present, extending an invitation for us to become aware of the Divine Presence at all moments.

As a Spiritual Director and Yoga Instructor, sharing soul nourishing practices with others is a deep love I have the honour to share with people each time we gather. I am beyond excited to join you as a spiritual companion and walk with you on your faith journey.

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