Spiritual Direction

“Spiritual direction is about listening to people’s stories, listening for glimpses of grace and hints of the holy, listening for the breakthrough presence of God in the midst of ordinary life.”

– Sue Pickering from Spiritual Direction: A Practical Introduction.

As we go through life, it’s not very often we have space to really talk honestly and authentically with someone about our faith life without fear of judgment, unwanted advice or for wholehearted listening. Spiritual Direction offers this beautiful, brave and safe space to share your present awareness and experience of God, to share your struggles, to celebrate the excitements and to find the ‘fingerprints of God’ in the seemingly mundane rhythms of everyday life. While you share, the director listens with the sole purpose of holding this space for you to connect and reflect without distraction, asks questions to invite you deeper into your experience, and is present with you through your journey of faith. It’s a space for you to notice the invitations from God in your life, and explore how you’d like to respond.

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice in the Christian faith tradition which facilitates attunement to God. It’s a space set apart from the regular routines of life where one can come to find rest, presence and connection with the Creator.

What is a session like?

A session of Spiritual Direction focuses on the directees life and unfolding faith journey with specific attention paid to the presence of God in the directees life.

We begin our session with a grounding practice to help us be present, usually a check-in, some basic breathing and a contemplative prayer practice like breath prayer, lectio divina or imaginative contemplation. From there, the directee is given space to share anything they’d like about their relationship and experience with God.

As director, I am here to hold space for the directee to share, to listen fully, and to pay attention to the ‘shimmer’ of the holy spirit. I ask questions that will offer an extended space of intentional reflection and prayerful connection to God, questions that may aid in discernment if necessary, and questions that will facilitate attunement to God. These questions are both evocative and contemplative in nature. A session of spiritual direction is marked by a slow, spacious rhythm. We take time to think, to pray, to experience.

The session ends in prayer and takes a total of 60-minutes from start to finish.

“In Spiritual Direction we help directees notice the signposts on the way, and make choice at a crossroads, We sit them them, tending to the bonfire, when they are stuck; we celebrate with ‘arrivals’ of some sort offer a chance of rest and refreshment, and encourage them when God interrupts their complacency and invites them out on the road again.”

– Sue Pickering from Spiritual Direction: A Practical Introduction.

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“The intentionality of monthly sessions has leaked into an increasingly daily intentionality in how I connect to God. The reflective questions inviting me to seek God’s response to every part of my life have given me greater insight into how much love God is pouring out onto me in every moment, not just the peaks & valleys but in the mundane. The experiences I’ve collected through Spiritual Direction have cultivated a deeper, more consistent intimacy with Jesus.”

– Lori Alcorn

“When I first started Spiritual Direction, I felt like my relationship with God was very surface level and missing depth. Over a year later and I can honestly say that this is the closest I have ever been to God in my life. He has brought so many truths to my lies, I have communicated more with him than ever before, I listen and discern better, and overall feel like I am in a much deeper relationship with him. It’s a feeling unlike any other and Spiritual Direction really allowed me to dig deeper into this relationship through so many unique techniques including prayer, lectio divina, visualizations, and deep reflection.”

– Bianca

How often do we meet?

The most common schedule is a once per month meeting. This is often a sustainable rhythm for the directee. I recommend new directees try spiritual direction for at least six months before deciding whether or not to continue. Six months allows for trust to build between director and directee resulting in honest and authentic sharing.

Where do we meet?

As of now, all sessions of Spiritual Direction are held virtually over Zoom. If you are in Winnipeg, we can discuss the possibility of in-person sessions as well.

What is the cost?

I want to be as accessible as possible and not allow financials to be a hindrance. Spiritual Direction is available on a sliding scale of $40 – $60 per session. Please reach out if you are interested in spiritual direction but are unable to meet the base fee and I would be happy to discuss options with you.

If you’re interested, please click below to fill out an inquiry form and we can set up a 15 – 20 minute discovery call where I can answer any of your questions and see if we would be a good fit.

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Guest Spiritual Director

If you’re planning a retreat or gathering for a large or small group, or are part of a ministry hosting a retreat or gathering, and are interested in Spiritual Direction, I am more than happy to join you and offer 1:1 sessions of Spiritual Direction for those attending. Sessions would be the same as described above.

If you’re interested, please send me an email to aelea@wandertowonder.ca and I would be so excited to learn about your upcoming retreat or gathering and how spiritual direction can enhance your time of rest, nourishment and intentional connection to God.

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