Dreams Come True!: Thailand

“Dreams come true!” Ask anyone I am surrounded by on a daily basis; I say the above statement quite frequently in regards to the silliest, simplest things. Example: At work a co-worker will leave chicken for me to use on pizzas. She’ll say something like “Aelea, I left you chicken for pizzas!” and I’ll respond with “Dreams come true!” Another Example: At work a co-worker will have taken out the compost already and my response will be “Dreams come true!” I don’t know when I started saying it, I really don’t know why I say it so often, but a good part of me guesses it’s due to the whole ‘choosing positivity in every situation’ thing I try to do. Anytime something good happens I respond with “dreams come true!” It’s like giving an extra shot of enthusiasm to the little things that help make life awesome. When I think [...]