Soul Nourishing Practice: Prayer of Lament

Life. Sometimes, it feels like life is happening with us and for us and it feels full of joy and freedom and love and goodness. Other times, it feels like life is happening against or without us and it feels full of grief, sadness, being alone, feeling rejected or left behind. The unexpected twists and turns, the best laid plans falling apart before our eyes, and learning to navigate a [...]

Soul Nourishing Practice: Prayer of Repetition

“Prayer of Repetition is like a seasoned fisherman who knows he can go back time and time again to a good fishing hole and find fish. The spot never seems to empty of good fish, and he gets a new one every time.”   …I mean, I don’t eat fish, but I can appreciate the sentiment. Perhaps, we swap out fishing holes with a strawberry, tomato, or cucumber plant in [...]

Prayer of Examen to Start a New Month

Reflecting on the past month through intentional questions, flipping through the pages of my Passion Planner and journal, and setting areas of focus for the next month, has become a ritual each new month would feel incomplete without.   If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with seeing me cross out the words ‘improve on’ and write above ‘intentionally focus on’ as I complete the monthly reflection in [...]

Prayer of Gratefulness

Thank you, Lord, for developing in me the skills I need to do the work you have planned for me; for adjusting my interests and tweaking my eye towards details that will come together to live out a will for my life that is completely yours-- and that while it is completely yours, it's also one I am excited about too! Thank you for passions and creativity, thank you for [...]