Finding a spiritual discipline that resonates with the unique person you were created to be can do wonders for your spiritual life. Spiritual disciplines are practices designed to develop and strengthen the qualities of the spirit and your connection to your creator. Yoga is a spiritual discipline that has the power to connect body, mind and spirit in a beautiful way that can result in a deeper understanding and acceptance of self, can draw you deeper in your faith and has the ability to transform.

My personal journey with yoga as a spiritual discipline, partnered with scripture study and seeking to know God more, has allowed me to connect deeper to my faith, make peace with myself and truly has left me taking the experiences I learned on the yoga mat into my daily life.

As your yoga instructor, I aim to curate and guide you through an intentional practice that will expand your understanding of yoga as a spiritual discipline.


Are you looking to connect mind, body and spirit in a deeper way through the tools of scripture study, the physical practice of yoga and breathwork, meditation and community? Each series is designed to cultivate further understanding and application of the theme. When you sign up for a series, you’ll be investing in your personal and spiritual growth as you connect with yourself and your faith on your yoga mat.

Each series includes:

  • Weekly In-person yoga class in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the duration of the series
  • Weekly Devotion with scripture study for you to dive into during the week
  • Scripture card to take home after each class to remind you of the word that will support further understanding
  • Online Facebook community to develop relationships, ask questions and both be encouraged and encourage others taking part in the series
  • And more, depending on the series!

Check back soon for details on the next series.


Event classes are a fun way to join together with others seeking to deepen their practice through a longer class that includes a specific focus through a set theme based on a topic, time of year or celebratory holiday.

Check back soon for upcoming events!

Small Group Classes

Does your church small group or group of friends want to do yoga together? I am more than happy to come to your home and lead you in a 60-75 minute yoga practice. Your class can be completely customized to the levels of those in your group, themes you are currently exploring in your small group time or favourite worship songs. I will come to you and can bring essential oils and candles to set a beautiful ambiance to practice in. All you need to provide is the space and ask each participant to bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.

Private Classes

Are you completely to new to yoga? Do you find the idea of attending a class intimidating because you don’t know the poses or feel like everyone will be watching you? Do you think yoga is only for flexible people so you’ve avoided attending a class? Private classes are designed to break down the barriers and allow you to feel comfortable stepping onto your mat in any situation. Our time together will not only introduce you to the physical postures of yoga (including alignment), but will also introduce you to the 8-limbed path of yoga including breathwork and meditation so you can begin to have a deeper understanding of yoga.

Drop In Classes

Drop in classes are available for anyone to attend! As drop in classes become available, information will be available here.

About Holy Yoga

Holy Yoga teaches the fundamentals of both yoga and Christianity. Holy Yoga exists as a means for Christ-followers to pursue both their relationship with God and the spiritual discipline of yoga in a way that allows the practitioner to see God in everything they do– from learning the 8-limbed path of yoga and reading the yoga sutras to meditation on scripture and practicing breath prayer. When classes are available, they will be clear whether it is Holy Yoga or regular Yoga.