We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘life is a journey, not a destination’….
When you step out onto the path laid before you the entire world is waiting for you. As you wander down various foot paths – some more travelled than others, you begin to learn more about yourself…
What are your passions, what is your faith, what do you need to feel enough?
Through quiet mindful steps, sprinting through areas of discomfort, and sitting to enjoy peace, you find yourself at a marvelous clearing. The path has led you here; the mountains you climbed, the lakes you swam through, each and every step has taken you here.
A place filled with wonder– a place where you stand in awe. You have no need to look behind you, you know the path you walked, it’s where you are now, in this moment, that holds weight. Dusk dancing with fireflies, starlight beginning to peek out behind candy floss clouds, shadow play among the trees.
This is it.
This is where you were meant to be. You can feel the creative energy, you can feel you are in the place you should be.
You are self-actualized, you are enough, you are living to your full potential.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The main purpose of the coach is your success and wellbeing. A coach’s role is to bring out your best and to provide ongoingsupport for your personal and professional development and achievement.

Coaching is a beautiful, forward-thinking creation conversation; we aren’t here to fix anything, we are here to create! As a coach, I will assist you to go from where you are in life, to where you want to go; working with you to become who you want to be, have what you want to have, and do what you want to do! We will work to uncover roadblocks to see you fulfill your potential. This is done through powerful questioning and mentoring.

Coaching often involves gaining insight into what is most important to you regarding lifestyle, values, and goals to develop a personalized plan of action to make your aspirations and dreams a reality.


Hi, I’m Aelea, and I am genuinely invested in seeing you live your best life; one filled with passion, purpose, self-love and adventure.

As women we are constantly bombarded with unrealistic expectations of who we are supposed to be. We may know these expectations are unrealistic, but internalizing that we have value and worth and are loved just as we are is one of the most challenging tasks we must face. It may be one of the greatest obstacles we ever commit to overcoming, and we should– our well-being depends on it.

Once we begin to really, truly believe that our worth comes from a God who loves us unconditionally, regardless of our past, social feed or ability to outwardly portray perfection, we begin to take hold and harness the power within. This inner spark of self-love, acceptance, and value. This spark sets fire to our passions, our creativity, our health and our ability to discover the unique gifts and talents we have and have been designed to live out.

I’ve been there– wondering what to do next, desperately trying to seek out my purpose, constantly comparing myself to others, thinking if I was just a little bit more like the general societal view of perfection that life would fall into place. I was wandering lost on the inside while the outside looked polished.

Through social media detoxes, daily gratitude practices, yoga, choosing to view myself positively day in and day out, and focusing on my value as a woman made in the image of God, I’ve been able to look back at my journey and find a sense of acceptance at the trials and what they’ve taught me, and to look forward with hope and joy knowing I can take my experience and share it with you to ensure you become the woman you have been created to be.

As your life coach, I am here to walk with you in your personal journey as you venture down new paths, climb new mountains, and shed the weight of expectations, doubts and subconscious beliefs. I blend transformative coaching with personal experience mentoring, intuitive guidance and powerful questioning to see change root and shine from the inside out.

I graduated from the Self-Actualized Life Coach and Mentor program at the Rayner Institute in Calgary Alberta, a recognized training facility with the International Coaching Federation