Cultivate Recap

“It was both validating and freeing. And now, as I’m out exercising listening to my favourite praise and worship songs, I feel closer to God than if I were to be reading the daily verse on my Bible app first thing [...]

Embodied Living – Listen and Respond

How easy is it for us to look at the birds of the sky, the flowers blooming, the stars shining from billions and trillions of miles and light years away, and see Divine fingerprints and the wisdom of God’s creation flowing [...]

Healing Through Words

I’ve never participated in lent. Aside from remembering classmates talking about ‘giving up chocolate for lent’ during middle school, I really had no idea what the lenten season was about. The only context I had for it was ‘giving up something [...]

Good Friday Imaginative Prayer

An Imaginative Prayer Practice for Good Friday This imaginative prayer practices invites you to into the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. Follow the instructions below to engage in a meaningful time of prayer.   1. Find Stillness. Find a comfortable [...]

Sacred Belonging

I started the year going through this devotional with a group of women where we shared our stirrings over a group chat on WhatsApp. This picture, taken from bed one morning, is an accurate representation of what my mornings looked like. [...]

On Discovering my word for 2024

Discovering my word of the year is a combination of things: reflection on the year that past a draw to different themes intuition or inspiration of the Spirit the 'under the rock' thought process affirmation commitment This year, I found myself [...]

Immanuel: God With Us

I can recall being in school for spiritual direction and we talked about what we called, 'theological assumptions', and the theological assumptions that go along with the practice. From the idea that God cares deeply about us, to the idea that [...]

Moment by Moment

I can so clearly recall sitting in a session with my spiritual director as we talked about taking moments to come back to our awareness of God. During December 2020, instead of savouring my favourite season of the year, soaking in [...]

On Letting Go…

I noticed my own invitation from God to let something go last week... Quite some time again I had the idea for a breath prayer series: 4-5 weeks of virtual gathering where we would spend each week learning a different way [...]